Bie Wright 

Time spent playing with and manipulating lines, space and textures manifested into what I initially referred to as scribbles, or squiggles. Mass collections of tight, circular nots, taking up entire pages. Sometimes organised and structured, but often just amassed together like large tumours, growing and feeding off one another. The work is predominately drawing, ceramics and projection, shown through installation.

One of the key principles of my practise is to explore the similarity between drawing and writings ability to communicate, exploring all encompassing or overwhelming situations and feelings.
My use of ink conveys a love of language I have had my whole life.
The ability to have a voice, to use words, to communicate, as well as to be void of them, or not heard, ignored even.

These drawings capture those moments in a more abstract way than language alone could.
Ceramics made in traditional style of coil pots compliment the use of continuous line in the drawings.
They provide an anthropomorphic representation of those whose journeys are depicted through journals and illustration,
with detail being crucial to these pots; the technique of kintsugu used to illustrate healing, fixing and resolution, and size depicting age.