Email: teddie.newton@gmail.com

Instagram: @herpangina0

In my most recent work titled French Software, digital 3D models of characters, objects and environments, pen and paper drawings, audio files and animations comprise a continuing body of modular works with undisclosed, loosely considered functionalities - suggested playfully by their French titles. All of the work included in the project is designed as if it were decorative content for an unrealised computer program - a French, educational anti-virus software for children.

The stylistic properties of the various works are informed by those of early 00’s educational software and early 10’s French education websites used in GCSE teaching; software(s) from my childhood and adolescence remembered for their exoticness - the poverty of their images and sound effects and their cumbersome, blobby interfaces. These visual characteristics are emulated within a series of works in order to invoke their same foreignness as I explore and play with these unorthodox but instinctively sought-after qualities such as Frenchness.