Stuart Rayner 


Instagram: @stuartdewi

My interest in landscapes and outdoor spaces stems from growing up in a suburban place, having easy access to isolated areas gave me an appreciation for nature’s beauty and it’s ability to help escape dull realities. I am interested in depicting landscapes, figures and details amongst nature that reflects reality but at the same time conveying a dreamlike sense of place. I think there is a timeless connection between people and exploring natural places, This is something I aim to show in my works through paintings, small sketches.

Works such as ‘Day Dreamin’ and the small-untitled series of drawings on tracing paper are the results of creating compositions and ideas based on collected vintage postcards of far away destinations that include views of mountains and forests. The works are a response to these places and reflect the vast space but also brings focus to a figure that is present in body but somewhere else in mind, a nod towards the idea of romanticism and the figure being absorbed into their natural surroundings.