Samuel Vilanova 


Instagram: @_samuba

Inside and outside. Here and there. Between places and states of mind.

From conversations between what is seen or experienced and what is felt or thought, the practice nourishes from the relationship between imagery from the everyday life and a responsiveness to what surrounds me. A process that consequently informs the way the work is thought about and how it is made to be experienced.
An anthropomorphic representation of everyday life objects, that in their usual context wouldn’t necessarily be noticed or thought about, and instead using them as vehicles for my own feelings, emotions and experiences to be represented. Shape and motion become important elements of this visual language enabling the unanimated subjects to come to life, through exaggeration of forms, transformation of shapes and exploration of the potential of movement in a still image.
The practice develops through a varied range of mediums and it usually comes together through installations, where the works developed gain space to communicate between each other and develop narratives. I often think about these installations as portals created to transport the audience from the gallery space, to this kind of parallel reality that is foggy and dreamy, and allows the audience to experience the pieces in a more immersive way. Overall creating an immersive experience and, ultimately aiming to create places for reflection and for journeys through the narratives told between the constellations of work.