Poppy Alice Gentleman 

Email: poppyalicegentleman@gmail.com

Instagram: @poppyaliceart

The work I make is focused on portraiture and a reflection of self. They evolve from close-up self-portraits in gouache to digital diorama-like scenes, to show a representation of myself and what makes up the ‘self’. I’m interested in showing reflection or an extension of myself through self-portraits but not exactly in the traditional sense. What can be included in a painting, other than myself, that can indicate or giv an idea to who I am and what makes up me as a person?
Since the lockdown due to COVID, the work has moved towards digital 3-D rendering in Blender (3-D software). I have been using this and ‘The Sims 4’ as a tool to make diorama-like rooms and poses to use as reference when painting. There are a few reasons why I chose to take those steps towards digital work, one being that I had a lack of materials during lockdown, but also because lockdown itself is a kind of simulation… I realised I was using the game as a way of dealing with the lockdown and it becam clear that I should incorporate this into the work. I had been approaching my portraiture as a way of showing an extension/reflection of myself using colour and tone to show emotion - this is the same way I am approaching this digital work, utilising ‘The Sims 4’ as a tool to make dioramas and poses for the Sims – think of it almost as a dollhouse
simulator. The Sims is representational of society and our ‘world’ as it is, so it feels relevant to use it for that reason too. In lockdown, it felt as though the Sims had more freedom in a digital world than I did in the real world.