Natalia Khan 


Instagram: @/n.artposting

The work is about repurposing and creating something from what is around you, it uses discarded pieces of recycling that were originally from a variety of food packaging as both the subject matter and the foundation for the subjects to be drawn on too. Creating the work involved picking out a select few plastic and glass bottles, jars, milk cartons and varying other containers from the recycling bin along with pieces of card to draw them on too, individual items were then looked at and drawn from multiple different angles, heights and sides to create a variety of drawings to work with. In the final piece constructed onto the wall, each drawing of each item is cut out into it's own individual shape and arranged one by one, overlapping, layering, and building from the middle outwards. 
The work becomes an illustrated collage of recycled materials, both literally and visually. The element of perspective plays a big role in allowing the work to appear "jumbled" and cluttered, much like the way things look when we throw them away. 
When arranged altogether the single drawings take form of a bigger cluster and functions as one piece. This new structure reminds us the many purposes recycled materials can serve. They were once containers for food, now made into an artwork and one day will be recycled again, the cycle continues.