Irene Luusa 


Instagram: @ireneartt





This body of work is an experiment on emotions in individuals. I believe emotions repeat in a cycle, moving in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. The energy these emotions carry is represented by the colour present in the painting. The brighter the colours, the more positive the energy they project. I chose to use light in colour to represent this as they work hand-in-hand with each other. With no light even the brightest of colours may appear dark and with light even the darkest of colours may appear bright. This body of work is a direct reflection of how the impact of positive and negative energy that we give out or produce has on our emotions. As the colours, which represent our emotions and signify micro-expressions change, the brightness of the light fluctuates with it. I used oil paint on 100x100cm canvas using different strokes of different features and parts of the characters faces to emphasise the texture of the fluids coming out from the eyes and the mouth. I also incorporates the use of patterns to represent regularities and irregularities. I chose to use irregular patterns as our minds tend to recognise and enjoy patterns. This body of work challenges how we view a pattern once it is broken. The effect can be disturbing and it will certainly catch our attention because it is unexpected. There is a concept between sound and light that I have always found interesting.

This concept is that of thunder and lightning, and how the lightning is seen before the thunder is heard which proves how light travels faster than sound. I like to think of this as the calm before the storm. In the videos that I have created you can see the light flashing without the presence of any sound. I created these videos to be silent as I wanted the colours to represent the effect that a sound would have made. Usually when we hear a sound we can tell, if made by a person, they are angry, sad, happy, surprised etc. If it’s made by an object, loud sounds are related to fear, disgust and anger, moderate sounds are related to contempt, and low sounds are usually related to fear, sadness. The colours that I believe represent the sound aspect which is directly related to emotion, are flashing in conjunction to the lights to express the calm within the storm.