Ethan Wright 


Instagram : @e.future.artwork

There's an idea in Physics called E8 Theory: a grand unified quantum gravity theory (A 'theory of everything') that’s mind blowing to me as an artist because it postulates the base fabric of reality is consciousness - everything that is, the entire multiverse, has been created by an infinite consciousness - a dream, a hallucination, a simulation.

Even if it’s true it’s absolutely insane, and there are numerous parallel ideas that support the claim that the mind is more real than the material. In philosophies like Plato's forms, Jungs Archetypes and Mulfords Law of Attraction, in historic religions and myths from paganism to Islam, and in artwork found anywhere from indigenous tribes to the Tate, we have evidence that the imagination has shaped reality forever. To me artwork is a prayer for change, an expression of a deeper reality, a door through the fogs of order and materialism and a dancefloor for pure creation.

The visual aspect of my artwork is a combination of paint, written word and photograph, trying to use symbols and imagery to express the beauties and dramas of existence.