Alisha Lampard 


Instagram: @lamapard38



I am a flaneuse who inhibits public spaces and make preliminary drawings in short time frames. I produce these drawings in the streets, coffee shops, bus stops, basically wherever human interaction exists. This can get frustrating as the movements of people shift quite rapidly so I then take photographs and work from these studies at home with the same above method. Although frustrating this process can be interesting as it is an implicit aspect of such sites, so I am intentionally setting myself up for these hindrances but at the same time it gives me other ideas to accommodate for making the best out of any situation. These elements are made quickly to keep the line expressionistic and spontaneous to form figures that are based on shapes. This is in correspondence with a set of strategies attached to the practice. The tension and the friction between these methods I set allow the flow of my creativity to perform.

With reference to the sketches I paint narratives. These works contain metaphors and symbolic gestures to help support the story within the narrative. During the process of making my work I am in constant conflict with my artistic process. For example, from the original sketches and wanting to control the line to represent the different elements in an unsuspecting way but also to keep some of the original line to serve the desire to be free and uninhibited. However, this contradicts my need to control the use of the line which in turn contradicts the desire for unpremeditated markings. So this is can be an abrasive process to decide whether I am enjoying the work I am producing at the time and if not a reminder is needed to go with the spontaneous flow of the line rather than spoiling by taking too much control over what I present to the viewer.