Degree Show Catalogue

Welcome to the UCA Degree Show Online Catalogue! The video below is an informative introduction to the website by its designers and curators, Frankie Brown, Samuel Vilanova and Teddie Newton.

The introduction discusses contextual information regarding the catalogue’s online format, descriptions of the thematic groups students are featured in, and simple instructions on how to navigate the site.

Curation, design management and administration:
Samuel Vilanova, Teddie Newton and Frankie Brown. 

Special thanks to Flora Parrot and Bob Matthews for their curational and website assistance.

Thank you to Jessica Voorsanger and Tyler Potter
for the leading and organising of the 2020 Fine Art Auction which took an online style running this year
and raised the domain funds for the website launch.

A thank you to all who participated and contributed to this student led initiative over the course of the last 4 months.
The website would not have its content if it wasn’t for your hard work over these tough and challenging times, thank you!

A lasting thank you to all Fine Art Tutors;
Dominic Rahtz, Mavernie Cunningham, Edward Chell, Mike Marshall, Sara Trillo, Hannah Knox,
Moyra Derby, Conor Kelly, Joan Key, Peter Hofer, Jost Münster.

Your contact and help over these last few months has been exemplary and will also be appreciated in the production of this website. Thank you.